Spatial Labs Partners with Vogue On the World's first Chip Enabled Magazine Cover

October 3, 2023

A first look at Vogue Singapore's anniversary cover featuring up-and-coming Southeast Asian models—alongside an immersive soundscape embedded within an NFC-enabled Continuity™ Chip.

This issue brings yet another Vogue first—an immersive soundscape embedded right into the cover itself. Produced in collaboration with Spatial Labs, an NFC-enabled Continuity™ Chip is integrated into the cover (labeled ‘Tap Here’). Tap the chip with your smartphone, and it will instantly unlock an exclusive soundscape experience bringing together the voices of preeminent Singaporean poet Alfian Sa’at and local award-winning artist Jeremy Sharma.

“With Vogue’s reputation and influence on both fashion and culture, it was inevitable that we’d come together for an unprecedented, futuristic partnership like this,” says Iddris Sandu, CEO and Founder of Spatial Labs. “Vogue Singapore, in particular, has taken a bold approach to interacting with digital culture in a way that still applauds print journalism and its contributions to pop culture and society. This is just the beginning of a collaboration that will have a boomerang effect on fashion, raising the standard of how brands will need to catch consumers’ attention.”

A close look at the Continuity™ Chip embedded on the cover.

The third anniversary milestone for Vogue Singapore amplifies the importance of driving change and having Singaporean voices from various creative industries being spotlighted. With the October 2023 issue that seamlessly blends art, culture and technology, the publication is cementing its commitment to being at the forefront of creative innovation in the region.

The October issue of the magazine has a dedicated page for the Spatial Labs Engineered Chip.  Instructing users on how to use the new emerging technology.

“Innovation has always been at the forefront of Vogue Singapore as we use new technology to elevate storytelling,” says Desmond Lim, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Singapore. “We are very excited to launch a first-of-its-kind cover with Spatial Labs. Their Continuity™ Chip allows us to combine audio with visuals to add an element of seamless immersiveness, which complements our October issue’s theme of ‘Voices’ perfectly.”

In addition, Vogue Singapore will be celebrating its third anniversary with a multi-day landmark event that will showcase fashion, culture and lifestyle through the lens of innovation. Titled ‘NEXT IN VOGUE’, it will take place from 17th to 19th November 2023. Spatial Labs is slated to make an appearance at the Singapore event - unveiling some more products that are leveraging the Continuity™ Chip Platform.

More details to follow soon.