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A new beginning, redefined for the next generation of artists and listeners.

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The LNQ One Chip

The first of our Spatial Labs Engineered chips that allow brands to integrate loyalty benefits, authentication services, and tracking to their products.

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13mm. Durable.
Secure. Lifeproof.


A Next Gen Clothing Platform.
Powered By Our LNQ One Chip.


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The World’s First Blockchain Authenticated Footwear.
Powered By The LNQ One Chip.


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Fully launching in 2023

The Wearable Internet

A new type of marketplace to purchase and discover
physical products powering the world of Web3.

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We've been building the future of Augmented Reality
and we can't wait to share more.

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Use The Power Of Light To Turn Any Surface Into An Interactive Workstation.

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