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The LNQ One Chip is a microchip that can be integrated into physical products - allowing brands to market and create loyalty programs directly in into their products ecosystem.

A LNQ Aura


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LNQ Card
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The LNQ Card

Chat with other LNQ users.

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LNQ users entering an event with their HARDWEAR

Customize your Aura.

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Store files, collectibles, and social media links in WearDrive.

LNQ One Chip Enabled

Products that feature a LNQ One Chip can assist with item authentication, item history, and even unlocking exclusive access to select brand events.

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A HARDWEAR sweater

Made with the Highest Quality

Each LNQ item is carefully engineered to ensure it lasts long, ensuring you can use it over and over again without compromising on it’s integrity.

Unlock Software Updates

As the LNQ Ecosystem continues to grow, you’ll unlock new software updates, making LNQ enabled items even more valuable and more importantly — secure.

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Create with the LNQ One Chip

The LNQ One Chip enables a new generation of interoperable, blockchain-enabled products.

Create omni-channel experiences within products like never before.

Authenticate, validate, and provide loyalty benefits to customers.

Capable of scaling to both consumer and business needs.

Auras Gen 2

Auras are our dynamic avatar system available for all users within the LNQ ecosystem. Users can unlock new Aura customizations by attending events, participating in-app, or even buying physical items.

Auras Gen 2 will be launching soon.


A Next Gen Clothing Platform

Gen One Sweater

Introducing Gen One Sweater Hardwear - The first LNQ Product To Utilize The LNQ Gen One Product. Offering a premium heavy textured - double sided garment with hidden side pockets.


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HARDWEAR sweaters


Introducing “The Cloud” Gen One Hardwear - The world’s first blockchain enabled Clog. The Cloud is made up of 100% Recycled materials and offers both comfort and durability.


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Cloud shoe